How do the comics work?

Once you agree to the edits to the written portion of your story, we work on a webcomic style visual with you that will be published alongside your story. We try to faithfully reproduce the core message in the story, taking careful precautions. When the subject matter is traumatic, we refrain from visually reproducing that event – instead, we try to add a visual element to the story in other ways. We then hand the comic idea over to you, and see if the idea captures your story faithfully. If there are no edits and you are happy with it, we send it to our illustrator. If in addition to the story, you have an idea for a comic narrative (or if you want to illustrate it yourself), let us know! We’ll let you know if it’s within our budget/limitations and if there are any changes we’d require, but we will work with you to the best of our ability to make something happen.

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