I feel like you’re putting up lived experience as digestible pieces of entertainment…

When we get questions like this we’re actually very pleased, because it means others are just as worried as we are about appropriating the experiences of others.

The goal of this site is not to position personal stories as entertainment, but rather as a safe space to share experiences. The point is to be non-exploitative: all stories are shared voluntarily, and the author has approval over every step of the story/ comic process right up until it’s published. Our hope is that this project will create a space for people to speak – particularly people who aren’t already comfortable with the language often used in activist circles – and that this way we might in some small way help bridge the gap between the in-crowd of social activism and the so-called “mainstream” which doesn’t always understand why these issues matter.

At the same time, we think the site is a tool for those with lived experiences to share their stories within their community. The comics are a communication device that can be easily shared by the authors to discuss issues that are important to them. By talking about a form of marginalization that isn’t often discussed, it gives the author (and those who might share it), a way to succinctly highlight a shared experience with others. We hope that this can lead to mobilization and discussions of solutions within that community.

In short, we’re trying to provide a space for those who might not want to maintain a blog, but have something important to say.

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