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My Cerebral Palsy and Bullying

In my early years of childhood, I lived a very sheltered life, knowing nothing more than the walls of my home. I was a small child, and I had severe separation anxiety at the time, so I would rarely ever … Continue reading


Existing With Invisible Disabilities

I am 31 and female-bodied. I’ve had ADD all my life. Since puberty hit at 14, I have had progressively worse arthritis and periodic migraines. I also have anxiety attacks, depression, and mania. I don’t pick up social cues well. … Continue reading


Trigger Warnings

I’m a strange case, without a doubt. I’m sensitive to visual stimuli. For example, during a tour of old slums in Edinburgh, we saw a flickery candlelit room with fake bodies in burlap bags to portray the results of the … Continue reading


I Have Asperger’s and I Read Your Comments Too

I have a host of mental differences. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I experience emotions more intensely than my peers. But the diagnosis that I most identify with is Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. I think of Asperger’s … Continue reading


What if Your Headache Never Went Away?

I woke up one morning with a headache three years ago. It hasn’t gone away. I have been diagnosed with a condition called New Daily Persistent Headache (NDPH). This means that every day, all the time, I have a headache … Continue reading

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