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Not Working With Bipolar

Aren’t you supposed to get help when you’re feeling like dying? Now the record of my needing help is keeping me from moving forward with my life. Continue reading →


The Stigma of Depression

I was 19, and just an average student doing an average degree, working part time and living the lifestyle many people my age did. Depression altered everything. It all seems like a horrible dream now but there are still things … Continue reading


Trigger Warnings

I’m a strange case, without a doubt. I’m sensitive to visual stimuli. For example, during a tour of old slums in Edinburgh, we saw a flickery candlelit room with fake bodies in burlap bags to portray the results of the … Continue reading

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The Story of Telling My Story

  I moved from Illinois to Florida to attend an MFA program in creative writing, where I received a fellowship to attend. I experienced some culture shock, going from a culturally diverse community to a white, culturally insular student body. … Continue reading


I Am Struggling But I Am A Person

I am one of millions.  I am a part of a group of people who are numerous, widely functional, and important to society.  I have a mental illness. My particular illness is depression.  Now before you a.) assume I’m a … Continue reading

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