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Mija: Growing Up in a Multicultural Blended Family

I have a multicultural family. After my mother passed away, our father eventually met a Mexican divorcée from work. Our family grew instantly. Growing up, it seemed normal for me to have a family of an Irish-French dad, a Mexican … Continue reading


Prejudice and Border Crossings

I’m Japanese, working in the US with a work visa. I went to an international school in Japan, and an English speaking university. So I speak English fluently, with no accent. The fact that I speak English is usually great. … Continue reading


Voting and Racism

During the last Federal election in Canada, my roommate and I decided to go vote. As proud citizens, it wasn’t our first time voting, but it was the first time we were voting in this province. It meant that we … Continue reading


Growing Up In a Multi-Racial Household

Telling someone that I am half-Indian always guarantees an interesting response. It often takes some clarification: “yes, from India”, “yes, my father is actually Indian, as in brown coloured skin”, and “I couldn’t tell you why my genetics are like … Continue reading

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We Eat Other Things Too…

The other night my son and I were wandering around the mall after seeing a movie.  Nothing in the food court appealed to us, so we tried the pub across the way.  Unfortunately, my son, though we only wanted food, … Continue reading

Meeting Someone From History

A little while ago at work, as an “ice-breaking exercise”, I was asked to pick any three people from history who I would invite to a party. Seems innocuous enough right?  Ok, now here’s another piece of information: I’m Chinese … Continue reading

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