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59 - indian racism

YOUR People Are Taking Over This Town

As the boy was getting off the bus, all of a sudden my friend’s older sister pointed and laughed him. She snickered at the cute grandpa, made fun of his clothes (and the socks & sandals combination), then turned to … Continue reading

56- executive dysfunction thumb

Executive Dysfunction and School

I have executive dysfunction – It means that I have cognitive, behavioural, and emotional difficulties. I have a hard time planning, and organization is something I really struggle with. But as a child I was never diagnosed. Because of this, … Continue reading


My Cerebral Palsy and Bullying

In my early years of childhood, I lived a very sheltered life, knowing nothing more than the walls of my home. I was a small child, and I had severe separation anxiety at the time, so I would rarely ever … Continue reading


Trigger Warnings

I’m a strange case, without a doubt. I’m sensitive to visual stimuli. For example, during a tour of old slums in Edinburgh, we saw a flickery candlelit room with fake bodies in burlap bags to portray the results of the … Continue reading

22---black-story-telling thumb

The Story of Telling My Story

  I moved from Illinois to Florida to attend an MFA program in creative writing, where I received a fellowship to attend. I experienced some culture shock, going from a culturally diverse community to a white, culturally insular student body. … Continue reading


Asian Majors

I either have super-powers or some people are truly misinformed. Because it can’t be racism! Continue reading →

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