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My Experience As A Foster Kid

I came from a dysfunctional home of drug addiction, which went along with emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a young child. But I didn’t finish growing up in that home. I went through 4 foster homes from the ages … Continue reading


My Indigenous Heritage, Racism, and My Car

“Nice car”, she said. “Thank you. My husband bought it for me for Mothers Day.” What followed was incredibly vile, and full of darkness. Continue reading →


Polyamory Isn’t What You Think It Is

But people think our connections aren’t real and spend a LOT of time trying to invalidate our relationships, shame us, and trying to convince us to conform to their standards of what a relationship means. Continue reading →

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Femininity is Not a Negative Trait

I was 13 or 14 when a male teacher informed me, in front of the entire woodworking class that I was the reason people had a hard time respecting women. Continue reading →


The Stigma of Depression

I was 19, and just an average student doing an average degree, working part time and living the lifestyle many people my age did. Depression altered everything. It all seems like a horrible dream now but there are still things … Continue reading


The Stereotype in the Restaurant Industry That Needs to End

I worked as a server for many years. I worked in chain restaurants serving food to people stumbling out the bar…as well as pricier joints serving things I could never afford. One thing that all these places had in common … Continue reading

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