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I am Stronger Despite What He Did To Me

I told him that I wasn’t ready. He started to do things to me anyway. I told him no, asked him to stop, and tried to laugh it off when he didn’t. Continue reading →


Not a Gender Binary

I’m a 23 year old unaltered trans-man. I’ve been out to a select group of people since I was 21. I don’t tell everyone that I’m trans*, because I am scared. I’ve internalized trans-phobia so much that something as simple … Continue reading


Playing as Women. Playing as Ourselves.

As of 2013, 45% of all gamers are women. We’re more visible in some genres than others, which make some people think we’re not playing certain games. We’re here. We play. But we also know what will happen if we … Continue reading


When You Pass a Homeless Person, Do You Ignore Them?

This is me. Standing in line at Starbucks, I mentally rehearse my order and try to predict the small talk that will inevitably accompany it. Through my nervousness and fear, I force myself to smile, to make eye contact, to … Continue reading


My Hollywood Nightmare

 Trigger Warning: Description of PTSD flashback. Many people will treat themselves to a movie or television to relax and let their mind go. This is a normal every day experience for many, but not for me. When I was seventeen, … Continue reading


Walking Home Alone (Part 2)

 Trigger Warning: Description of violent attacks I am a woman in my mid/late twenties and I consider myself very lucky: I have only been physically attacked twice in my life.  Once when I was eleven walking home from school, and … Continue reading

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