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57 - I am stronger thumb

I am Stronger Despite What He Did To Me

I told him that I wasn’t ready. He started to do things to me anyway. I told him no, asked him to stop, and tried to laugh it off when he didn’t. Continue reading →

48 --Femininity-Thumb

Femininity is Not a Negative Trait

I was 13 or 14 when a male teacher informed me, in front of the entire woodworking class that I was the reason people had a hard time respecting women. Continue reading →


The Double Standard of Black Women’s Emotions

Let me start out by admitting I have an attitude/anger issue. Being raised in a violent abusive household, as a teen I had trouble in social situations. I always thought it was because of my attitude that I couldn’t make … Continue reading


Confucius say what? Whitewashed by the colorblind

I was at a retreat for a women’s volunteer organization – this organization works primarily with girls, but it was an event where adult leaders were invited from the entire region. Adult volunteers were there from several counties. I was … Continue reading


Breast Reduction is a Valid Choice Too

My experience starts now, but really I know the worst is yet to come. If I do have a child, that’s when I’ll most likely experience the worst of the prejudice. You see, I’ve had a breast reduction and might … Continue reading


Rape Jokes

I am a woman who is into the geekier pursuits. I spend most weekends playing Pathfinder with my group, for instance. And I love video games and just about anything sci-fi or fantasy. Here’s my problem: I am also a … Continue reading

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